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Alex Gottfried, Reverse Mortgage Specialist

Alex Gottfried joined Norcom Mortgage with over 12 years experience exclusively originating Reverse Mortgage Loans in Massachusetts.

Alex lives in Framingham with his wife Karen.  They have two grown children living in the area.

Alex has helped hundreds of seniors and their families to meet their financial objectives. He would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to review this Government designed, regulated and insured residential mortgage loan program.


You are a Senior who would like to make a change in your financial situation that will last for years.

You are the child or loved one of a Senior who may be looking into a Reverse Mortgage and you would like to assist them with the Reverse Mortgage process.

You are a mortgage professional that does not specialize in Reverse Mortgages but want to make sure your clients are working with an expert in the Reverse Mortgage field.

You are a Realtor and you would like to know more about how a Reverse Mortgage can be used to purchase a property.

You are a Certified Financial Planner and you would like to know how to access the trapped equity in a Seniors home for long term financial success.